Jewelry Buying

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Jewelry Buying

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There are so many reasons why customers come to us wanting to sell their jewelry. Some are facing bankruptcy and need to earn a little extra money. Some have undergone a divorce and want to erase traces of the past. Still others are making arrangements for the sell of a loved one’s estate. Whatever the reason, Jon Bragman Inc. Gemologists and Estate Buyers will treat each of our customer’s with the personal attention and care that they deserve.

We will never take advantage of our clients. Our business is founded on respect, integrity, and character. With us, you will always know that you are getting an accurate appraisal and a fair price for your goods. Our jewelry buying service is designed to benefit you. We can help you take your items and convert them into the most highly liquid asset: money.

Since we are a certified appraisal business, we know how much you deserve for your jewelry. We will buy your jewels from you to make the process as convenient as possible. Jewelry buying is our specialty and we can give you a good price with no hassle. We are the best in Miami, FL. You can trust our valuations every time.

We buy watches, bracelets, rings, precious gems, precious colored stones, precious metals, pearls, diamonds and even coins and silverware! We are highly flexible and we will work with you to figure out how much you can earn from your sale. We will make sure you get the most value every time. Unsure about an item or confused about an item’s valuation? Feel free to ask us any questions you might have. We are happy to answer all of your questions fully and honestly.

Contact us to sell your unwanted jewelry and get cash fast! Call us today to take advantage of our jewelry buying services!

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